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of their best-promoting e book, Fit For Life, reveal some very fascinating facts about the effects of weight-reduction plan on health and longevity. They report that the Los Angeles Times and Weekly World News printed articles a few man living in China named Wu Yunqing. Mr. Yunqing was 142 years outdated in 1980. The article features a photo of him using his bicycle! When he was interviewed about his diet, he answered, “I eat corn, rice, sweet potatoes, and different fruit and veggies.? Keep in mind the research achieved by Dr. Alexander Leaf, who revealed the findings of his research about the oldest folks on the planet within the January, 1973 edition of Nationwide Geographic journal? He reported that the three most consistently disease-free and lengthy-lived people on Earth are the Abkahazians of Russia, the Vilacabambans of Ecuador, and the Hunzukuts of Pakistan. None of these peoples undergo from Western diseases: no obesity, no most cancers, no heart illness! On average, these people stay to be over one hundred years old. The lads are bodily active and still fathering children at one hundred years of age. The weight loss plan of all of those folks consists of 70-eighty% high water content material foods equivalent to raw uncooked vegatables and fruits. These individuals eat little or no or no animal products. Their life-style contains a number of exercise in a chemical-free, pure setting with clean air and recent, uncontaminated water. What about eating meat would scale back the life expectancy of man so drastically?

The SAD Weight loss plan: Dead Food = Dead Physique

The Standard American Food plan (abbreviated as “SAD? is almost the precise reverse of the eating regimen found among the individuals of the planet wholive the longest, healthiest lives. The SAD weight-reduction plan is composed primarily of dead food; i.e., processed, refined, cooked. It has literally been cooked to demise. There is no life left in it.

Dwelling Meals For Life

Residing meals is any meals in which the life pressure (enzymes) have not been destroyed by heat, chemicals, radiation, decay, freezing,refinement, and so forth. Enzymes are the life pressure in residing food. Every cell of any dwelling organism begins to die when heated to a temperature of 107 levels Fahrenheit. Observably, the overwhelming majority of meals consumed by Western man have been cooked to dying! Since cells die at 107 levels, something which has been boiled, broiled, baked, steamed or fried is useless. This consists of baked goods, pasteurized milk merchandise, anything in a can or bottle—nearly all the pieces in the typical grocery retailer!No animal in nature consumes “useless?meals, that is, foods which have been cooked or processed. Not one of the extremely evolved species of animals on planet Earth lives on inorganic (dead, lifeless) materials, similar to dust or rocks. All meals are eaten with the entire life drive or enzymes intact. In other words, residing meals.

Dr. George Malkmus, a person who healed himself of colon most cancers by consuming contemporary juices, fruits and vegetables, has subsequently taught his strategies to hundreds of other folks.He relates the story of a tragic experiment during the 1920s, undertaken by zoo keepers in an try to save cash on food bills. Carnivorous zoo animals were fed cooked meat. All of the animals who have been fed cooked meat died within 30 days. Within the wild, carnivorous animals desire to eat freshly killed meat each time doable. Additional experiments have proven that a baby cow, fed only pasteurized milk, as an alternative of uncooked milk from its mother, will die inside 30 to 60 days.

During the Thirties, Dr. Pottenger, a dentist in Washington DC, carried out experiments with 400 cats, feeding one half of them cooked food and the opposite half, uncooked foods. The 400 cats who ate cooked food developed degenerative conditions via successive generations. This included bone defor-mation, diminished weight of kittens at beginning, tooth deformation, calcium and mineral deficiencies leading to mushy bones, anemia, allergy symptoms, respiratory, astrointestinal and constitutional issues. The cooked-meat eating cats additionally confirmed inferior high quality fur and nervous, irritable habits. The cooked-meat cats wer

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